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E-mail to purchase anything on this page. Paypal is the simplest way to pay, but I will accept money orders or checks. Shipping will depend on the weight of the order, but I won't charge more than the actual postage and box or padded envelope cost. Click on a picture to get a closer look at the craft.

Knitted Purses & Totes

All purses are fully lined in a matching or coordinating fabric.

All purse photography done by Ben Ostrowsky.
purple purse Purple shoulder bag, squarish without flap on top, padded strap. $10 bright pink purse Pink shoulder bag, squarish without flap on top, padded strap. $10
bright pink purse Pink shoulder bag, squarish without flap on top, thin white strap. $10 yellow and black purse "Safari" print (yellow/brown/black) shoulder bag, squarish without flap. $10
yellow and black purse "Safari" print (yellow/brown/black) shoulder bag with flap over top. $10 red and black striped purse Red and black striped shoulder bag $10
dark pink purse Dark pink shoulder bag of a more horizontal shape. $10 Black print handbag Dark print bag with plastic handles. $15
Blue, ecru and dark pink
bag Slate blue, ecru, and dark pink drawstring bag. $10 blue print Tote bag of two medium blue print fabrics. $15
baby blue tote Big baby-blue tote with outside pockets. $15

Looney Tunes Character Magnets $3

Sizes vary from three to four inches tall.
Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Elmer Fudd Foghorn Leghorn Marc Anthony the bulldog
Marvin the Martian Pepe LePew Porky Pig The Roadrunner Speedy Gonzales
Sylvester the cat Tasmanian Devil Tweety Bird Wile E. Coyote Yosemite Sam

Mother's Day

3-inch heart with "Happy Mother's Day" on it. $3.00 4-inch circle with "With Love on Mother's Day" on it. $3.00


This cute Valentine (or any occasion) cross-stitch features a a teddy bear holding a little bouquet of red roses and the words "For You" in a red wooden heart-shaped frame with silver stars and tiny nubbly transparent beads on the front. (The back is plain red wood). The whole frame is 3-3/4 inches across and about 3-1/2 inches tall; the stitched area is just under 2 inches across and 1-3/4 inches tall. $5.00

You can also see if I have anything for sale on my eBay account.

I also design graphics that can be printed on shirts, cards, and posters at Segnbora's Soymonkeys on

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